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Temperature – Relative Humidity Mapping

Temperature – Relative Humidity Mapping / Study is an exercise to qualify temperatures (and humidity if required) of storage environments used for temperature sensitive products.  This can include but is not limited to Warehouses , Cold stores/Fridges, Freezers, Containers, Vehicles, Stability Chambers, Incubators

The temperature mapping report will document any recorded Hot & Cold spots as well as recommendations for continuous monitoring positions where required.

Temperature Mapping for Warehouses

  • Empty & With load (product)
  • Summer & Winter
  • External ambient temperature (outside of facility)
  • Date stamp of any notable events (e.g. power failure)
  • Mapped during normal operations
  • Impact tests (e.g. HVAC power down, Door open tests)
  • MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature)

Temperature Mapping for Cold Stores, Vehicles, Containers , Cabinets (FRIDGES, FREEZERS, STABILITY CHAMBERS)

  • Empty & With load (product)
  • External ambient temperature (outside of cabinet/cold store/vehicle)
  • Date stamp of any notable events (e.g. power failure)
  • Impact tests (e.g. door open , Power cut)
  • Mapped during normal operations

EESS has developed its temperature mapping services in consideration of regulatory guidelines from the GMP, FDA , WHO and USP

Our mapping reports include a detailed overview of the results according to HTM, WHO, cGMP, and ISO Regulations using validation systems comply with FDA 21CFR part11

Attention is given to any reported excursions or notable events and recommendations can be provided for continuous monitoring locations.

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