Specialist in Calibration , Clean Room Qualification and Thermal Validation

Measuring Services you can count on

Specialist in Calibration , Clean Room Qualification and Thermal Validation

Measuring Services you can count on

مقدم خدمات المعايرة والتحقق المتكامل الذى تحتاجة

الشركة المصرية للخدمات العلمية والهندسية تعمل منذ عام 2013 فى مصر وافريقيا  كمقدم لخدمات المعايرة والقياسات  و التحقق من الصلاحية  واختبارات الغرف النظيفة لمناطق تصنيع الادوية والمستلزمات الطبية و الصناعات الغذائية ومختلف الصناعات و دراسات التوزيع الحرارى لاجهزة التعقيم وللمخازن والثلاجات وكل مناطق التخزين و سيارات نقل الادوية.

تستخدم الشركة احدث الاجهزة والانظمة الموجودة فى العالم المطابقة للمواصفات القياسية العالمية مثل .

الشركة قدرت تحقق معادلة صعبة بتقدم خدمة بجودة عالية واحترافية باسعار تنافسية فى اكبر الشركات فى مصر وخارج مصر .

الشركة حاصلة على شهادة الايزو  فى كل المجالات والخدمات اللى بتقدمها .

الشركة بتتميز بدعمها للعملاء وبسرعة تنفيذ طلباتهم  فى مواقعهم و توصيل شهادات المعايرة او تقارير الاختبارات فى اسرع وقت ممكن بدون تعقيد او تاخير .

لدينا سابقة اعمال فى مخلتف الصناعات ومع كبرى الشركات والمؤسسات.

الشركة  لديها  خبرات فنية متميزة فى مجال المعايرة والاختبارت هتساعدك فى حل مشاكلك الفنية و تدعمك للنجاح فى اعمالك .


Our Experience

 We  Look forward to Achieve the difficult equation through providing a high quality services with a competitive cost

Our team technical knowledge and experience, coupled with our steadfast commitment to quality and the highest standards of customer service, provide our clients with reliable, accurate and thoroughly documented controlled results, and ensuring optimal equipment performance, documented regulatory and quality compliance, in addition to minimizing equipment and facility down time.

EESS Technical Services

Calibration Service


NIST Traceable parameters for process calibrations:

Temperature , Pressure , Differential Pressure , Relative Humidity , Air Flow, Conductivity, PH , Mass , Force, Hardness, Torque, Rotation Speed, Time, Dimension, Electrical , Volumes ,Metal Detection, and more...

Clean Area Qualification Service


 We Provide Qualification Protocol for HVAC System Design , Drawing , Block Diagram , and Classification of each Clean Room , also Reports for each Test in addition to summary report for each room supported with automated report which generated from our Validation Equipment and Validation software. 

Sterilizers Thermal Validation


Thermal Validation for Autoclaves , 

Depyrogenation Tunnel , and Oven Thermal Validation , 

Thermal Validation for ETO Sterilizers 

according  Standards and Regulations: HTM2010 Part 3 , BS EN 554 , ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11135 , GMP, FDA , WHO , USP

Temperature and Relative Humidity Mapping


Temperature and Relative Humidity Mapping for Warehouses , Cold Stores , Vehicles , Containers, Cabinets , Fridges, Freezers, Stability Chambers.

Qualification IQ,OQ,PQ


 EESS Validation Service includes the preparation of : Installation Qualification (IQ) Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) and Validation Summary Reports. 

Environmental Measurments


EESS Provide Environmental Testing for our clients To comply with the  Egyptian Environmental Law and its implementing regulations, as well as the rehabilitation of the ISO certificates 

Our Environmental testing Service Include: 

· Inhaled Particle (PM 10)

· Heat Stress

· Lightening Intensity

· Sound Level

Steam Quality Test


Steam Quality testing is described in PDA Technical Report Number 1, regarding steam sterilisation. The physical steam quality tests are strictly only applied to autoclaves, although many companies choose to perform the physical tests at other user points such as SIP systems, to get some quantifiable values for the system as a whole.

The three physical tests are as follows

  • Non Condensable Gas Test 
  • Dryness Test 
  • Superheat

Compressed Air Quality Test


EESS compressed Air testing provide detailed reports on all gas test points , tests are performed in accordance to ISO8573 - Compressed Air.

Our reports provide our customers with proper documentation proving their compressed Air is free from oil and water vapor and its particulate quality is equal to or better than air in the environment into which the gas is introduced.

Compressed Air Tests:

· Non-Viable Particulate Count

· Water Content

· Oil Content

Metal Detector Calibration and Validation


Calibration and Validation Services for Food, Pharmaceutical and Textile Metal Detection. EESS provides on-site break down and calibration visits to satisfy HACCP, SQF, BRC. Our Calibrations are performed to NIST Standard.

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