Temperature Calibration

Calibration Services

 EESS calibration Laboratory provides calibration services for a wide range of instruments. 

Our prices are very competitive and our turn-around times are excellent. 

Our Certificates are comprehensive and include as-found and as-left data as well as pass/fail criteria and a concise statement of the method used. Calibrations performed are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and meet the ISO 17025 requirements

Our Traceable Calibration Services are designed to increase our customers' process efficiency and effectiveness by improving instrument accuracy and equipment performance. 

EESS Engineers are trained to provide onsite and permanent Calibration Services in conformance to ISO Regulations and Industry Standards

NIST Traceable parameters for process calibrations:

Temperature , Pressure , Differential Pressure , Relative Humidity , Air Flow, Conductivity, PH , Mass , Force, Hardness, Torque, Rotation Speed, Time, Dimension, Electrical , Volumes ,Metal Detection, and more...

balance calibration

balance calibration

if you have any other calibration items please contact us


industrial calibration

  • Air Handling Units and   Its other utilities
  • ·Building Monitoring   System (BMS)
  • RO DI WFI Water Systems calibration
  • Preparation Systems
  • Filling Systems

pharma calibration

  • Autoclaves
  • CIP & SIP 
  • Depyrogenation Tunnel
  • Freeze Dry -   Lyophilizer
  • Packaging System
  • thermometer calibration


autoclave calibration

  • Analytical Balance & Moisture scale calibration
  • Bench-Top Oven
  • Centrifuge
  • Autoclave
  • Chart Recorder & Logging Device
  • Conductivity & pH Meter
  • Calipers, Depth Gauge, Micrometer, & Rulers
  • Heat Block & Hot Plate Stirrer
  • Incubator & Stability Chamber

laboratory calibrations

  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Water Baths
  • Differential Pressure
  • Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Bench & Process Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • thermometer calibration
  • Friability , & Hardness Tester
  • Dissolution & Disintegration tester
  • Melting point